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Tag: time-format

How to check if two LocalTimes are in the same day?

From my UI I’m passing two LocalTime values; from time and to time. Both times are LocalTime HH:mm formatted. Now I need to check whether these times are in the same day. For an example if someone passes fromTime – 18:00 and toTime – 10:00, I need throw an exception. I need to check whether both times are in same

OffsetTime.parse causes an exception with ISO_TIME formatter

I am trying to convert between LocalTime and strings by using the ISO_TIME formatter, but I get an exception. My Code is like: the last line throws an exception: Why is this happening and how could I solve this problem? Thanks in advance for any help, Anas Answer This is happening because, well, it’s right there in the name. An

LocalTime() difference between two times

I have a flight itinerary program where I need to get difference between departure and arrival time. I get these specified times as String from the data. Here is my problem: Output: The first time returns the difference between 11:39 and 14:35 just fine. But the second difference is only 5 hours while it should be 19 hours. How can