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SpringMVC with Bootstrap and Thymeleaf pages decoration

I am working in: “SpringMVC 5”, with “Twitter Bootstrap 4” html pages, and “Thymeleaf 3” templating, in IntelliJ EAP (latest version) and Tomcat9, Maven The structure of my project: I am using these tutorials: I have my page (home.html). I have my template (template.html). According to the 2nd tutorial: I inserted the “menubar” into the “template” (this insert

Recieve a Map from a HTML form with Thymeleaf

I’m working on a project with Spring Web and Thymeleaf (this is my first time using Thymeleaf) and I have this requirement: The user needs to see a single form to fill a table with 32 rows and 4 columns, all at once. Edit. Each row has a fixed key (just for clarification) My first (naive) approach was to make

Populating inner table inside another table with Thymeleaf

I have DTO class: With getters, setters and toString for every field. I’m creating this table for shift schedule calendar: My Thymeleaf: The idea behind this: generates row for parent table, for each date. That works fine. Inside every row, in a cell I have second table that should show list of employees who works on that date in

How to use explicit links with Thymeleaf?

I wanted to make and link to external site in Spring+Thymeleaf web application and inserted link like this: <a th:href=”@{}”>Link</a> However by clicking the link it tries to point internal location http://localhost/service/ not external website like it supposed to. Site gives just an error “status”:500,”error”:”Internal Server Error”,”message”:”The request was rejected because the URL was not normalized.” What’s wrong and

How to refer to a static method in Thymeleaf html in java?

I need to use the getMoneyIntoWords() method in the invoice html. But I am getting errors. Refer the code and errors below // Added below method in Error: Answer You need special syntax to call a static method in Thymeleaf: You will need to use the full qualified name of the MoneyUtil class.