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Tag: primefaces

JSF error on deploying ear file on WebLogic 12

Am using Weblogic and on deploying my ear file am getting the following error. My ear is done with JSF 2.2. Answer Method “addSearchKeywordResolver” is part of JSF 2.3 specification. Therefore, if you want to use it, you will have to include the dependencies for JSF 2.3 in your ear file.

JSF1064: Ressource not found! only when i use my Project in Firefox

Im using Java, Wildfly18, Primefaces and JSF in my Project but im getting this Warning! anyone know why im getting this Warning when i use the Project only in Firefox? Any information would be helpful. here is the Server log : WARNING [javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.application] (default task-290) JSF1064: Ressource core.js aus Bibliothek primefaces kann nicht gefunden oder bedient werden. 17:13:41,237 WARNING [javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.application]

How to maintain accordionPanels in the same order?

I’m using accordionPanel in Primefaces. When I refresh the page the order changes! For example: I have 1,2,3 then they become 2,3,1 or 3,2,1 ! The order of the panels changes everytime I refresh the page! So I need to know how to fix that, in order to maintain the order of panels in the same way as it is

‘Show All’ button for Primefaces DataTable

I would like to have a ‘Show All’ button for a primefaces datatable, however, I’m experiencing some trouble. Here’s some test code that demostrates the problem: Test.xhtml: And here’s If I don’t change tabs, the page works as expected: toggling the ‘Show All’ button updates the table to show all 3 values, or only two. However, if show all

Why does p:panelGrid not work with ui:repeat?

If I use as below, I get no error, no output. Why does p:panelGrid not work with ui:repeat? Note : I don’t want to use c:forEach because of the I already face a lot of JSF issue. Expected output with primefaces Answer ui:repeat will not work because it does not actually add components to the component tree. ui:repeat only