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Tag: lucene

Apache Lucene to replace found terms

I’m looking for a way to find-and-replace words basing on queries in a text using Apache Lucene. Example – I have a text “Happy New Year!” and Lucene query “year~2” with fuzzy-detection and some replace characters (“###”). As the result I want the following – “Happy New ###!”. Is there a way to achieve this using Apache Lucene only? Answer

Lucene split package: module reads package ‘org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard’ from both ‘lucene.analyzers.common’ and ‘lucene.core’

Given my I get the following error: Module ‘my_module’ reads package ‘org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard’ from both ‘lucene.analyzers.common’ and ‘lucene.core’ In my code I use the following imports: How can resolve this split package problem? Answer As you may already know, Lucene doesn’t support the Java Platform Module System properly, so it doesn’t define modules and contains split packages, which don’t work