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Tag: ksoap2

Cannot import ksoap2 to Android Studio

I just added ksoap2 (actually it is ksoap2-android-assembly-3.4.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar) to app/libs folder. Also I have used the Project Structure window to add ksoap2 to the Dependencies tab. the Build.Gradle has this section Anyway I cannot import ksoap2 like Any clue? Answer At first, You should remove ksoap in Project Structure and do the steps bellow. I have same problem and here

KSoap2 on Android freezing the device instead of making a webservice call

I’m trying to connect to .NET 4.0 webservice I created for receiving SOAP-calls from Android-devices, now hosted on local IIS for testing purposes. I found out that ksoap2 would be an excellent class library for doing what i want to do. Downloaded the .jar package from and started pounding the keyboard in ecstacy… with my fingers. The amount of