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Tag: jsf-2

Link fires method multiple no. of times

The problem is that whenever I click the link Next page on Home.xhtml to goto getMoreStatusList Page, the function getMoreStatusList is called non-stop until it throws a index out of bound exception. I am even printing the value of index that I get from the session object statusindex and the string insidegetmorestatusList when inside the getMoreStatusList() method to the console

JSF 1.0 vs JSF 2.0

What is difference between these 2 version of JSF (JSF 1.0 and JSF 2.0)? As I am new to java, I only find that difference is at Architectural level. But, in perspective, I can’t get how much it affects the application development ? Also, the MVC imposed is different with JSF and Spring. Even if JSF has improved architecture, still