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Tag: idempotent

How to setup Kafka Idempotent Producer in Spring Boot?

We would like to store data in Kafka using exactly-once semantics in order to avoid message duplication. Producer with following properties: Kafka topic description: Integration test: Our expectation is that only one message should be stored in Kafka, but the actual result 3 messages. How can I make excatly-once semantics to work with Kafka? What is missing in my configuration?

What does idempotent method mean and what are the side effects in case of calling close method of java.lang.AutoCloseable?

Java docs of close() method of java.lang.AutoCloseable says Note that unlike the close() method of Closeable, this close() method is not required to be idempotent. In other words, calling this close method more than once may have some visible side effect, unlike Closeable#close() which is required to have no effect if called more than once. However, implementers of this interface