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Tag: cron

Updating CroneSchedule & Job Dynamically without stopping server

I need help in externalizing the below cron schedule or executing it dynamically. For example, in the below code it is hardcoded to perform every Saturday: cronSchedule(“0 0 12 ? * SAT”). I want the value inside the cronSchedule() to externalize so that even after the server is started, I can still change the cron schedule to Monday or every

Some doubts about this Spring Batch @Scheduled() annotation and how to manually start a Spring Batch job?

I am pretty new in Spring Batch and I have the following doubts about how to schedule the job start at a specific time. Into my project I have this SpringBatchExampleJobLauncher class: As you can see it contains the runSpringBatchExampleJob() method running the job at a specific time set by the cron expression into the Scheduled annotation: What is the

How to validate CronSequenceGenerator cron expressions?

How could I validate cron expressions that are prepared for use of CronSequenceGenerator? I mean, I cannot wait until the cron executes automatically as I’m defining like monthly intervals. Is the following correct? How can I be sure? Answer The Spring’s CronSequenceGenerator class has a method isValidExpression(String expression) which takes the cron expression and returns a boolean.

How do I execute a method at a particular time in java?

Is there any way to write a program in java, so that its main method schedule (or at a 10-15 min interval) another method to executes it at a particular interval? Answer I think you are looking for the Time class. See Timer Class API You can use this class like: You want to perform a Method every 600 miliseconds.