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Array Only Prints Certain Elements and Not Others

I am currently in a Intro to Computer Language class and everyone few lessons I have to develop some minimal programs (we are given 5 different prompts and have to pick three of them to complete). Due to time, I moved on and completed a different program, but I still want to understand what is going wrong with this one.

Sum of intervals in Java

I am stuck on this kata in CodeWars and I have tried for a long time, like for a week or so for one kata. If you want a description of my question, go here. This is my code, if you believe me, there are lots of bugs in it. Can someone please help me out? Answer I think you

Java: Arraylist of Array

I want to make an arraylist of an array of 2 elements. So, I have unknown rows and known columns (i.e. 2). E.g. [{name1, ID1}, {name2, ID2}, …] I also have to return this arraylist. I tried using but don’t know how to proceed. Please advise. Answer When you define a ArrayList must use a class. In this case, you

Copy some values from one ArrayList to another kotlin

I have list: ComplexModel contains (Name,Title,StartDate,Summarry) I want to find better way to create new MutableList from skillsList but the new list have to get only Name and Title from the first.For the moment i`m with this solution but i wonder if there are better way to achieve this. Answer

Check if array Is235

I want to check if an array Is235. Is235 is an array that has an integer divisible by 2, another integer divisible by 3 and a third integer divisible by 5. The other integers in the array that aren’t divisible by either of 2, 3, or 5 when added to the integers divisible by 2, 3 and 5 should be