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Tag: apache-kafka-streams

The Kafka topic is here, a Java consumer program finds it, but lists none of its content, while a kafka-console-consumer is able to

It’s my first Kafka program. From a kafka_2.13-3.1.0 instance, I created a Kafka topic poids_garmin_brut and filled it with this csv: And at anytime now, before or after running the program I’ll show, its content can be displayed by a kafka-console-consumer command: Here is the Java program, based on org.apache.kafka:kafka-streams:3.1.0 dependency, extracting this topic as a stream: But, while the

2 consecutive stream-stream inner joins produce wrong results: what does KStream join between streams really do internally?

The problem setting I have a stream of nodes and a stream of edges that represent consecutive updates of a graph and I want to build patterns composed of nodes and edges using multiple joins in series. Let’s suppose I want to match a pattern like: (node1) –[edge1]–> (node2). My idea is to join the stream of nodes with the