Run ES docker image with custom port using testcontainers

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I want to run a container tests that running ES image via Docker. After some research I found and they also have a built-it ES module.

Because my development environment using ES in ports 9200 and 9300 I prefer to use another ports for my tests, let’s say 1200 and 1300. Therefore, to run the docker image from CLI I use this command:

docker run -p 1200:9200 -p 1300:9300 -e "discovery.type=single-node"

I tried to do it with testcontainers, for example:

static ElasticsearchContainer esContainer =
        new ElasticsearchContainer("")
                .withExposedPorts(1200, 9200)
                .withExposedPorts(1300, 9300)
                .withEnv("discovery.type", "single-node");
                // .waitingFor(Wait.forHttp("/")); // Wait until elastic start – cause an error

public static void initEsDockerImage() {

breakpoint in esContainer.isRunning():

port is 32384, run esContainer.getHttpHostAddress() return localhost/ and also from docker dashboard: Anyway, failed to make ES connection with both (1200 and 32384).

run the start() line with the **waitingFor** command throws Container startup failed error

Another question, how can I know the schema (http or https) in testcontainers?


If you want to specify a port instead of using a random one, you can do it with this:

static final MySQLContainer<?> mysql =
    new MySQLContainer<>("mysql:5.6")
        .withCreateContainerCmdModifier(cmd -> cmd.withHostConfig(
            new HostConfig().withPortBindings(new PortBinding(Ports.Binding.bindPort(34343), new ExposedPort(3306)))

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