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MyBatis Batch Insert/Update For Oracle

I’ve recently started learning to use myBatis.I am now facing such a scenario, I need to constantly fetch a new list of Objects through WebService, then for this list, I need to insert/update each object into the oracle DB table through myBatis.

The tricky part is, I cannot simply do a batch insert every time, because some of the objects might already exist in DB, for these records, I need to update the fields of them instead of a new insertion.

My current solution might be very stupid, using Java, build the list of Object from webservice, loop through each of them, do a myBatis select, if it is not a null(already exists in the db), then do a myBatis update; otherwise, do a myBatis insert for this new object.

The function is achieved. But my technical lead says it is very low-efficient, since doing a for loop using Java and insert/update one by one will consume a lot of system resource. He advised me to do batch insert using myBatis by passing a list of objects in.

Batch insertion in myBatis is straightforward, however, since I am not purely inserting(for existing records I need to do update), I don’t think batch insert is appropriate here. I’ve googled a while for this, and realized maybe I will need to use “merge” instead of “insert” (for Oracle).

The examples I googled out for merge in myBatis is only for one object, not in a batch. Thus I want to find out whether experts could offer me some examples on how to do a batch-merge in MyBatis( The correct way to write a Mapper)?


In my case also there is same scenario. I used for loop to check whether this record exists in databse or not and then according to that I added this object in to two arraylist for insert or update. And then used batch for insert and update after for loop for that to list.

here is ex. for update according to different where condition

1] this is for update

<foreach collection="attendingUsrList" item="model"  separator=";">
    UPDATE parties SET attending_user_count = #{model.attending_count}
    WHERE  fb_party_id = #{model.eid}  

2] this is for insert

<insert id="insertAccountabilityUsers" parameterType="AccountabilityUsersModel" useGeneratedKeys="false">
    INSERT INTO accountability_users 
            accountability_user_id, accountability_id, to_username,
            record_status, created_by, created_at, updated_by, updated_at
    <foreach collection="usersList" item="model" separator=","> 
            #{model.accountabilityUserId}, #{model.accountabilityId}, #{model.toUsername}, 
            'A', #{model.createdBy}, #{model.createdAt}, #{model.updatedBy}, #{model.updatedAt}     

In dao method declare as

void insertAccountabilityUsers(@Param("usersList") List<AccountabilityUsersModel> usersList);


Here is my batch session code

public static synchronized SqlSession getSqlBatchSession() {
    ConnectionBuilderAction connection = new ConnectionBuilderAction();
    sf = connection.getConnection();
    SqlSession session = sf.openSession(ExecutorType.BATCH);
    return session;

SqlSession session = ConnectionBuilderAction.getSqlSession(); 

Actually I already given full example here for this question