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Java convert Arraylist to float[]

How I can do that?

I have an arraylist, with float elements. (Arraylist <Float>)

(float[]) Floats_arraylist.toArray()

it is not working.

cannot cast from Object[] to float[]



Loop over it yourself.

List<Float> floatList = getItSomehow();
float[] floatArray = new float[floatList.size()];
int i = 0;

for (Float f : floatList) {
    floatArray[i++] = (f != null ? f : Float.NaN); // Or whatever default you want.

The nullcheck is mandatory to avoid NullPointerException because a Float (an object) can be null while a float (a primitive) cannot be null at all.

In case you’re on Java 8 already and it’s no problem to end up with double[] instead of float[], consider Stream#mapToDouble() (no there’s no such method as mapToFloat()).

List<Float> floatList = getItSomehow();
double[] doubleArray =
    .mapToDouble(f -> f != null ? f : Float.NaN) // Or whatever default you want.