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IntelliJ – Failed to start: 0 passed, 1 not started

Just been playing around for the first time with IntelliJ IDEA Community edition, first time I have worked with it so if I’m missing something, please excuse me.

I have a bunch of unit tests which I run, however, when running them in IntelliJ (with the standard setup out of the box), I intermittently get the following error in the console:

03:14:17 Failed to start: 58 passed, 1 not started

I have searched the web but to no avail. If I run just the test that failed, it may or may not print out a similar error:

03:19:54 Failed to start: 0 passed, 1 not started

If I keep trying, eventually it works and tells me that all of my tests have passed.

The image is not the error as an exclamation mark, it is a different error icon (error icon), which I do not recognise. The error in Event Log window appears as red text.

It always appears to happen with only one test and it is always the same test for any given set of tests. I.E. In a different project, the same issue also appears, but for a different test (but it’s always the same one in each project or set of tests).

One more thing to note is that this ONLY happens when debugging and not when running, so it may be something to do with connecting the debugger?

It all works perfectly fine with Eclipse.

Any ideas what could be causing this?



I got the same error. It was something weird sent to System.out that made IntellJ IDEA test “not started”.

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