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How to set up different graalvm-home and java-home in CI server to build native image

Issue: I want has two graalvm version in same CI server to build different quarkus version service project.

resason: Because a few old service use quarkus-1.5.1 & graalvm-20.0.0 and I can’t upgrade that version. but I want use quarkus-1.13.1 & graalvm-21.0.0 in new service.

tried: add quarkus.native.graalvm-home & in the pom.xml, setting graalvm path, but not working.




All you need to do is set the GRAALVM_HOME environment variable when you run mvn package -Dnative.

So something like GRAALVM_HOME=/some/path mvn package -Dnative will make Quarkus use GraalVM from /some/path.


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