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Unable to launch Jboss Developer Studio

When I double click the jbdevstudio.exe I’m getting below error. I suspect this has got to do with the wrong jdk path (default path), in which file i can now give the correct jdk path?

java was started but returned exit code = 13
C:Program FilesCommon filesoraclejavajavapathjavaw.exe



  • What the JBDS version you are using?
  • What JDK version you have installed and executing this jbdevstudio.exe file?
  • If you are using JBoss Developer Studio 9.0.0 or later, you have to run the installer using Java 8. Then use the JDK to run JBoss Developer Studio.

Possible root cause for this issue is JBDS pointing to the incorrect JDK version for the underlying architecture.

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