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Getting raw XML response from Java web service client

I am trying to get the raw XML response from a web service, instead of the usual set of POJOs.

I am using a webservice client that I generated (so I have access to the client’s code) from a WSDL and some schemas. The client is generated in RAD 7.5, I think using JAX-WS. I’ve been looking at the client code itself, but I’m not even sure if the client code ever handles raw XML or if it passes it off to other libraries.


You can do it using<>

you can simply get message using SOAPMessageContext#getMessage() and convert message to String using method

   public static String getXmlMessage(SOAPMessage message) throws Exception
         ByteArrayOutputStream os = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
         final String encoding = (String) message.getProperty(SOAPMessage.CHARACTER_SET_ENCODING);
         if (encoding == null)
             return new String(os.toByteArray());
            return new String(os.toByteArray(), encoding);    

Also you can read here about SOAP handler on client side