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execute a .jar file from C# but it generates files at wrong location

I have coded a Minecraft Server Runner in C# WinForms which lets you run a Minecraft Server, a .jar file which needs to generate files. The problem is that I launch this .jar file via the .exe application, and the files generate at the .exe application location.

— What I have tried:

I tried moving the .exe application to the specific server file location, but the application needs a restart to register this change which I don’t want to happen.

I also don’t want the user being forced to put the .exe application to the Server folder and restart it. Here is the code I use to launch the .jar file:


How can I fix this issue?



To fix this I executed the .jar file in the C# application via the CMD. Here is the code I used instead:

string path = @"C:userdocumentsserver"; //Path to your server.jar file.
var process = new System.Diagnostics.Process();
process.StartInfo.FileName = path + "server.jar"; //Name of the .jar file.
process.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = path;
process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = true;

All credits go to “Olivier Rogier” ( ) for helping me find this solution

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