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IntelliJ JDK 16 Early Access – Any Success? tools.jar

Has anyone had any success using JDK 16 ( early access build with IntelliJ?

I am able to use JDK 15 early access builds, but when I try JDK 16 I get an error message:

Error: Cannot determine path to 'tools.jar' library for 16 (path/to/jdk-16)

All of the research I’ve done says JDK stores tools.jar inside of the path/to/jdk-16/lib folder. Thing is, tools.jar isn’t there in the JDK 15 package either, yet JDK 15 works fine.

If anyone has any clue on how to fix this issue I’d appreciate it. I’m still trying, and if I figure it out I’ll update this post.

Thanks in advance.


There was an issue: IDEA-243962. It is fixed now in 2020.2 version. EAP version is already available here.