Amazon S3 upload file and get URL

Is it possible to upload a txt/pdf/png file to Amazon S3 in a single action, and get the uploaded file URL as the response?

If so, is AWS Java SDK the right library that I need to add in my java struts2 web application?

Please suggest me a solution for this.


To make the file public before uploading you can use the #withCannedAcl method of PutObjectRequest:

myAmazonS3Client.putObject(new PutObjectRequest('some-grails-bucket',  'somePath/someKey.jpg', new    File('/Users/ben/Desktop/photo.jpg')).withCannedAcl(CannedAccessControlList.PublicRead))

String url = myAmazonS3Client.getUrl('some-grails-bucket',  'somePath/someKey.jpg').toString();

Source: stackoverflow