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Why bufferedReader is much efficient than Scanner class in java? [closed]

Have a look in the following question , no matter how much efficiently you write the solution for this , using Scanner class is resulting in the time out .

Question :

You have given an array , having  elements . Now for given  query you have provided an integer  and you have to find the Min Sum that is the sum of all elements in the array whose value less than the given integer provided into query.

Input format:

First line: An integer  denoting number of array elements. Second line:  space seperated integer denoting array elements. Third line: An integer  denoting number of query. For each query: A new line contain an integer 

Output format: For each query print a single integer that is Min Sum in a new line.

Just by using Buffered Reader instead of Scanner class and Buffered Writer instead of System.out.print , makes this code twice as faster and all the test cases passes easily , what is the reason behind this ?



BufferedReader is significantly faster than Scanner as it has a larger buffer memory than Scanner. You can see the difference between the two in this discussion.

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