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What is the difference between AccessLevel.PACKAGE and AccessLevel.MODULE?

In Lombok, what is the actual difference between

private int country;


private int country;



That is a good question. I tried creating some setters for some test methods and all I got was (decompiled):

for Module AccessLevel:
void setTestModule(Integer testModule) {
    this.testModule = testModule;

for Package AccessLevel:
void setTestPackage(Integer testPackage) {
    this.testPackage = testPackage;

So, on first look it appears that there is no difference. So, I looked into the source code and all I could verify is that for the time being they are handled the same (from the source here):

lombok.javac.handlers.JavacHandlerUtil.toJavacModifier(AccessLevel accessLevel) or lombok.eclipse.handlers.EclipseHandlerUtil.toEclipseModifier(AccessLevel accessLevel)

 * Turns an {@code AccessLevel} instance into the flag bit used by javac.
public static int toJavacModifier(AccessLevel accessLevel) {
    switch (accessLevel) {
    case MODULE:
    case PACKAGE:
        return 0;
    case PUBLIC:
        return Flags.PUBLIC;
    case NONE:
    case PRIVATE:
        return Flags.PRIVATE;
    case PROTECTED:
        return Flags.PROTECTED;

I think that there will be some future work on that for java 9 probably, but for now it appears to be the same.