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What is the Compatible version of Spring-security with spring-4.3.0-release?

Which version of spring security is compatible with Spring-4.3.0-release.

my jars are as follows

  • spring-aop-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-beans-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-context-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-context-support-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-core-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-expression-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-jdbc-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-orm-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-oxm-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-tx-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-web-4.3.0.RELEASE.jar

With Security jars

  • spring-security-config-3.2.5.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-security-core-3.2.5.RELEASE.jar
  • spring-security-web-3.2.5.RELEASE.jar



The documentation for spring security 4.2.x says that the current spring security version 4.2.x is compatible with 4.3.26 and 4.0.x.

For spring security 3.2.5 you should use spring 4.0.2 (doc for 3.2.5)

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