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What GUI libraries are the JetBrains using?


I am somewhat new to Java and am enjoying using IntelliJ IDE developed by the JetBrains team.

I have downloaded the source for the Community Edition, and I am trying to work out what GUI libraries they are using to get the look-and-feel.


What libraries (if any) are they using to get the non-native tabs, toolbars and breadcrumb component?

The panels they are using are also interesting, however I get the feeling they were developed for the project and are not a library. Is this true?

Can someone provide a breakdown of what is needed to produce a similar look-and-feel in a GUI project?

Does anyone have tutorials for that? All I have been able to work out so far is that they are using Swing and jGoodies.

What I Think So Far

They are using Swing and jGoodies. The MyDoggy project is attempting to produce a similar docking framework, however I don’t think this is used by IntelliJ.



IntelliJ IDEA is a pure Java Swing application. All the custom components like editor tabs are created manually, no third-party libraries are used for this. You can find all the details by looking at the IntelliJ IDEA Community Source code.