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How to convert lower triangular matrix into a vector?

I want to convert my triangular matrix into a vector. Let’s say I have 7×7 lower triangular matrix. Something like this: And I need to convert this matrix into a vector ignoring zeros. So, the result should be: I have already made a matrix by the following code: But I don’t really get how to convert that into a vector.

Best way to convert an array of integers to a vector? in java

I have an array like So i wanted it convert it into an vector I did try and got this error Is there a way to change the types or a faster method than this? Answer NB: Before I answer the question, Vector is deprecated and should never be used. You’re looking for List. Whatever property Vector has that makes

Android Vector Icon – Add a border

I’m wondering if it may be possible to add a white border to a Android Vector Icon (xml format). I’ve tried to overlap a bigger version of the icon itself, but the result it’s not as I was expecting (as you can see in the attached images). Is there a way to modify the xml to enlarge a bit the

What are the differences between ArrayList and Vector?

What are the differences between the two data structures ArrayList and Vector, and where should you use each of them? Answer Differences Vectors are synchronized, ArrayLists are not. Data Growth Methods Use ArrayLists if there is no specific requirement to use Vectors. Synchronization If multiple threads access an ArrayList concurrently then we must externally synchronize the block of code which