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Tag: spring-boot-maven-plugin

SpringBoot no main manifest attribute (maven)

When running my jar file: java -jar target/places-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar I’m getting the next error : no main manifest attribute, in target/places-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar The pom.xml contains the spring-boot-maven-plugin: I also tried to create a MANIFEST.MF file and specifying the class, but it didnt help. In addition, I also tried: Main class: Any idea what else can I try? Answer Try adding repackage goal

How to run integration test of a spring-boot based application through maven-failsafe-plugin?

I have a spring-boot based application, and the pom.xml file is configured as below. The main method located in class DemoApplication as below And my integration test class called DemoIT as following. Now here is my question, when I issue mvn clean verify command, the integration class DemoIT is supposed to be executed, and it does. However, my DemoApplication isn’t