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How to reduce Optionals to throw an error once

I have the following response coming from a rest call and performing some logic based on what is returned. This is what I want. If the overall status code is NOT 200 OR If within the list of SimpleResponse, none of the SimpleResponse objects has a 200 httpCode, throw an error. The example below is incomplete. Too much going on

Set with Optional

I have this code: I want to replace this code to this: and map this field from myClass to myClass2 How i can do it? Answer Did you mean to use: For mapping I would suggest to read about MapStruct, it is a good tool.

Java 8 Optional: combine two possibly null object

I have to ensure if two values are non null. When the first and second have non null values, pass first as argument to second. If one of them are null value, then return false. This can be done in the following piece of code: It can also be done in short form: I was wondering how to do this

Java records with nullable components

I really like the addition of records in Java 14, at least as a preview feature, as it helps to reduce my need to use lombok for simple, immutable “data holders”. But I’m having an issue with the implementation of nullable components. I’m trying to avoid returning null in my codebase to indicate that a value might not be present.

How to implement the Elvis operator in Java 8?

I have the classic “Elvis operator” case, where I’m calling methods that each may return null and chaining them together: In Java 8, the most faithful implementation I’ve found is something like this: I wish that Java’s Optional had something akin to the elvis operator: So that I wouldn’t have to wrap each return value: Is there a more efficient

How to return when an optional is empty?

I love that optionals are in the Java standard library now. But there is one basic problem that I keep running into that I haven’t figured out how to solve in the best way (easiest to read and understand, prettiest, shortest): How to return from a method when an optional is empty? I am looking for a general solution that