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Tag: ojdbc

Why can’t a bind variable be used from ojdbc with Oracle JSON_ARRAY() in the presence of FORMAT JSON

In Oracle, the following query: Produces the following JSON document: When I try to run this query with bind variables from JDBC like this: Then I’m getting: I’m using these versions: Database: Oracle Database 21c Express Edition Release – Production ojdbc: Is this a bug? Can it be worked around? Answer In my opinion, it’s a bug in

ClassNotFoundException oracle.i18n.util.LocaleMapper on tomcat TLD scanning. ojdbc7 maven dep (xmlparserv2- transitive) causes this error

I am receiving an error when running my spring-boot application with embedded-tomcat (haven’t tried with server tomcat yet). On further inspection, It appears as though the previous version of the orai18n.jar depended on by the ojdbc7 maven dep contained this class in vesion but the newer ( file does not contain it. Answer It’s a conflict with xmlparserv2. Try