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Tag: netflix-zuul

Spring boot and Zuul proxy DeferringLoadBalancerExchangeFilterFunction Error

I have a simple app that uses Netflix Zuul as an API gateway I added the Zuul dependency in the pom.xml file as follows: and @EnableZuulProxy for the main class of the app The problem is that whenever I try to run the API, It fails to start and shows in the console: Consider defining a bean of type ‘’

How to get response body in Zuul post filter?

How it is possible to read a response body while using Zuul as a proxy in post filter? I am trying to call the code like this: Answer I’ve managed to overcome this. The solution consists of 4 steps: Read ctx.getResponseDataStream() into a ByteArrayOutputStream Copy OutputStream to 2 InputStreams. Use one of it for your custom purposes. Use the second