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Is Java 8 java.util.Base64 a drop-in replacement for sun.misc.BASE64?

Question Are the Java 8 java.util.Base64 MIME Encoder and Decoder a drop-in replacement for the unsupported, internal Java API sun.misc.BASE64Encoder and sun.misc.BASE64Decoder? EDIT (Clarification): By drop-in replacement I mean that I can switch legacy code using sun.misc.BASE64Encoder and sun.misc.BASE64Decoder to Java 8 MIME Base64 Encoder/Decoder for any existing other client code transparently. What I think so far and why Based

How to read text inside body of mail using javax.mail

i’m developing a client mail using javax.mail to read mail inside mail box: I know that the method getContent() returns an object cause the content could be a String, a MimeMultiPart, a SharedByteArrayInputstream and other ( i think )… Is there a way to get always the text inside body of message? Thanks!! Answer This answer extends yurin’s answer. The