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Tag: midi

Hexadecimal byte array from a Midi event to int

I’m trying to retrieve the tempo of a midi file through the javax.midi library. What I am expected to receive is an array of three ex, because the Set Tempo meta message (which is this case, has just 3 bytes specifying a miliseconds amount. This is how the midi event returns So if you join them you have 0x07A120 which

How to extract tempo from MIDI file

I am using the sequence.getResolution() built in method to extract how long a beat is in milliseconds. It works for some songs but not all. For example, for the song ‘sweet home alabama’ it returns a beat of 384 MS, however in real life the actual beat length is 612 MS. This works for countless other songs and only works

MIDI – MidiMessage Program Change with Instrument From Different Bank

The soundbank of the default synthesizer I’m using contains a variety of different instruments. For example, this code snippet… … prints the following: I can play an instrument from any of these banks through MidiChannel, the programChange method, and noteOn, like so (this plays instrument 14 from bank 1152, “Carillon”): I want to add a program change event to a