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Convert Decimal to Hex using Recursive method Java

I need to make a recursive method that converts a decimal into hexadecimal. I can’t use Integer.toHexString. EDIT:I tried this code but it doesn’t work properly Edit: Changed the default case and the if (n == 0) loop return statement and it works beautifully now. new code: Answer The problem is in your default clause: it should read: That will

Compute hex color code for an arbitrary string

Heading Is there a way to map an arbitrary string to a HEX COLOR code. I tried to compute the HEX number for string using string hashcode. Now I need to convert this hex number to six digits which are in HEX color code range. Any suggestions ? Answer If you don’t really care about the “meaning” of the color

Encoding/decoding REST path parameters

I am trying to find the best way of getting round a design flaw in a web app I’m helping to support. One part of the service passes a parameter (“myparam”) to a .jsp page, which in turn calls a REST service including our myparam as a path parameter. The design flaw bit is that myparam should be passed as