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Tag: data-binding

Custom Data Binding in Spring

I have a situation here. Suppose, I’m receiving this JSON in the @RequestBody, Which I’m binding to a POJO, like so. Now, ResourceRefRequest, is as follows, and, RefReqItem, is as follows, Things are pretty well, as I expect them to be. The only problem is, refReqItem.resourceId is null, for all refs. I want to populate each of, refReqItem.resourceId, in the

how to clean up generated data binding files?

I’ve got a problem I created the activity and xml files in a git branch. Commit these tasks, and change the branch to do something else. However, when build app, the following error occurred. ActivityDebugUserInfo is the file I created in the previous branch. There is no such file in the current branch. Nevertheless, it was created automatically I repeated

Android Data Binding pass arguments to onClick method

Is it possible to pass custom arguments to onClick method using the Data Binding Library? I have my layout xml file where I need to use the onClickListener: and I a have my click handler code here: Is it possible to pass my CategoryViewModel object from xml to click handler? Answer You can use a lambda expressions and pass the