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AuthComponent doesn’t have a @Subcomponent.Builder, which is required when used with @Module.subcomponents

I am learning Dagger 2 from this site I am creating like this, But I got the error,AuthComponent doesn’t have a @Subcomponent.Builder, which is required when used with @Module.subcomponents @Module(subcomponents = AuthComponent.class)I am doing as the documentation. Please help me explain with my error. Edit This is my dagger version. Answer As expected, your code

Dagger Dependency Injection Provider with Qualifier

I’d like to get a confirmation that: if two providers providing the same type of instance, one with qualifier and the other one without, would this work? For the following two cases, especially the TestClass1, will Dagger know which MetricsCollectorFactory to inject? Answer Yes, as on the Dagger dev guide, there are zero or one qualifier instances per key or

Cannot be provided without an @Provides-annotated method (Dagger 2 in Android Kotlin)

searched on many sites and in various articles, but without effect, so I ask for your help with Dagger 2 (DI) I can not understand what the problem is I’m new to Dagger 2 (Di) and I’m just studying it, please help me understand My code: MainActivity.kt App.kt ServiceBuild.kt NetworkService.kt AppNetworkModule.kt AppComponent.kt Build error Answer Change your code ServiceBuild to

Dagger Component has conflicting scopes

I am using Dagger and I have an app component with @Singleton scope and also a subcomponent with @Singleton scope. Now when I compile it I get this error: [io.droid.nowtellapp.dagger.SignInMvpComponet] io.droid.nowtellapp.dagger.SignInMvpComponet has conflicting scopes: io.droid.nowtellapp.dagger.ApplicationComponent also has @Singleton To resolve this error I removed @Singleton from my subcomponet and compiled it, this time getting this error: Error:(12, 1) error: io.droid.nowtellapp.dagger.SignInMvpComponet

Dagger 2: Injecting user inputted parameter into object

Say I have a class Util that takes in a object – an instance of class Validator. Since I want to avoid instantiating the Validator class within Util, I pass it in via a constructor: I have a module that provides the Validator instance: and an instance of the Util class: I have a component wired up that would give