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Tag: couchbase

Spring Data Couchbase @CreatedDate not working

I’m using Spring boot with spring data couchbase. I’ve added two fields for createdDate and lastModifiedDate with @CreatedDate and @LastModifiedDate annotations in Movie Document. lastModifiedDate works great but createdDate is always null. I’ve also added a configuration for @EnableCouchbaseAuditing: Movie Repository: application.yml for reference: Answer As stated in the documentation, in order to distinguish between a creation and an update,

Spring junit tests with couchbase

I have some Services that should get documents from couchbase. Services: Also I have DocRepository interface with necessary methods and views on couchbase server. When I run my app and call Services its work fine, but I need tests for this Services. Tests: Running tests successful only in 90%. And another moment, I use maven, and when it runs tests

Cannot inherit from final class error

What does this error mean .. It runs fine in Eclipse but not in intellij idea I get this error when I try to run couchbase using couchbase-client-1.1.6.jar from Intellij IDea. Answer if you’re using kotlin, add open to your class (extends RealmObject) declaration