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Tag: c++

BigInteger.intValue() equivalent in C#

I am trying to translate a java code into C# and encountered a problem working with BigInteger operations. I found several resources on BigInteger implementation in C# and the intValue itself. But no clue on BigInteger.intValue equivalent in C#. The definition in Java is: Converts this BigInteger to an int. Thisconversion is analogous to a narrowing primitive conversion from long

Infix to Postfix short trick

Does anybody know a shortcut or short trick for infix to postfix conversion for multiple-choice questions exam? I know the method using stack but is there any fast technique for it? for example a+b*(c^d-e)^(f+gh)-i to abcd^e-fgh+^*+i- Answer Write the expression as a tree (leaves are values, internal nodes are operators), preserving the left-to-right order of values, and then write down

How to close all child processes in C#

C# code: I am calling a java.exe from C# windows application. java.exe is used to test some websites. Java using Selenium to test the webpages by opening default web browser. It will open 3 to 10 times browsers and test the test cases. I want to add stop button in C# application and when we click it then it should

SLF4J: Failed to load class at Eclipse

Using win10, Eclipse June 2020 C++ IDE, jdk-13.0.2, IAR plugin. I have a project that contains several sub-projects and it doesn’t compile using the command line (eclipsec.exe). The running command The result is that libDsp is not compiled. The log’s output: Why LibDsp isn’t created? How to solve this SLF4J: Failed to load class “org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder”. issue? (The solution of pom.xml

Controller Endpoint Naming Convention

I have a controller endpoint and I need help with the naming convention. Basically, the endpoint is supposed to find a customer by their Id/Email (which is sent in the url of the request). Thus I need to have two endpoints, one for users/{id} and one for users/{email}. The issue is, the above wouldn’t work as the routes are exactly