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Tag: bamboo

Bamboo Specs – Permissions issue creating a deployment plan

I’m trying to create a deployment plan by command line from mi bamboo specs in java. When I’m trying to create it I get a permission error saying that I don’t have permission to create the deployment plan. If I try to create the deployment plan manually through the browser I can do it without problems using the same user.

How do I set JVM options for GradleWorkerMain?

When I set GRADLE_OPTS or JAVA_OPTS, these are set for GradleWrapperMain when I run ./gradlew build for my project. But I need them to be set for GradleWorkerMain as well. How do I do that? Here’s the ps listing when that Gradle job is running in Bamboo. My JAVA_OPTS (such as -Dcool.opt=1) is missing from GradleWorkerMain. Answer There is no