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Tag: apache-commons-net

Error “227 Entering Passive Mode”/”Connection refused” when downloading from local FTP server in Android emulator

I am trying to download a file from my local FileZilla Server with Java FTPSClient running in Android emulator. I’ve written this helpercode to download one File: I call this function like this: But I keep getting this error: I already tried to use enterLocalActivemode() instead of enterLocalPassivmode() but it didn’t help. The FTP server is TLS enforcing and running

FTPClient.listFiles is not returning time in seconds

I have written the above function to retrieve the file details. But somehow I am retrieving the details without seconds part of the file. I am retrieving the lastModifiedDate as 2013-08-08 00:00:00 where as its actual lastModifiedDate is 2013-08-08 12:53:27 PM Answer The FTPClient.listFiles uses the ancient LIST command. With the command, it’s quite common that the FTP server returns

How to get info of an FTPFile

I am using ApacheCommons to connect to a server and get information of a specific file. I am looking for a method like FTPFile file = ftpclient.getFile(path); or something like this, so I can give it the path of the file and then be able to get info about that file. By info I mean file.getName() or file.lendth(). The only

commons-net is compatible with ssh-2.0 protocol

i have tried create a project with library for send via ftp some files. But i created a connection with my server i have received this error. i have followed this article for create my connection, and with official examples i’ve controlled article. my java code here: I do not understand where I went wrong. Answer The FTPS protocol