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Spock throw exception test

I test Java code with Spock. I test this code:

 try {
    Set<String> availableActions = getSthAction()
    List<String> goodActions = getGoodAction()
    if (!CollectionUtils.containsAny(availableActions ,goodActions )){
       throw new CustomException();
} catch (AnotherCustomExceptio e) {
     throw new CustomException(e.getMessage());

I wrote test:

def "some test"() {
    bean.methodName(_) >> {throw new AnotherCustomExceptio ("Sth wrong")}
    def order = new Order();
    validator.validate(order )
    final CustomException exception = thrown()

And it fails because AnotherCustomExceptio is thrown. But in the try{}catch block I catch this exception and throw a CustomException so I expected that my method will throw CustomException and not AnotherCustomExceptio. How do I test it?


I believe your then block needs to be fixed. Try the following syntax:

thrown CustomException