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response.jsonPath() has square brackets around the element, how do I retrieve the string value? Rest Assured

I have an HTTP response body that looks that this when I make a GET request:

    "id": "1111",
    "type": "Sale",
    "name": "MyNameTest",
    "shortDescription": "Sale a"

When I try to assert the results with “Rest Assured”, the name value is always wrapped in square brackets [].

    final String returnedAttributeValue = response.jsonPath().getString("name");
    Assert.assertEquals(returnedAttributeValue, "MyNameTest");

So the test fails with Expected “MyNameTest”, but was “[MyNameTest]”

Can any one tell me how to resolve this?



You are accessing values within an array, so use name[n]

final String returnedAttributeValue = response.jsonPath().getString("name[0]");
Assert.assertEquals(returnedAttributeValue, "MyNameTest");
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