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Regex to capture the staring with specific word or character and ending with either one of the word

Want to capture the string after the last slash and before either a (; sid=) word or a (?) character.

sample data:

  1. sessionId=30a793b1-ed7e-464a-a630; Url=; sid=KJ4dgQGdhg7dDn1h0TLsqhsdfhsfhjhsdjfhjshdjfhjsfddscg139bjXZQdkbHpzf9l6wy1GdK5XZp; targetUrl=;

  2. sessionId=sfdsdfsd-ba57-4e21-a39f-34; Url=; sid=Q4hWgR1GpQb8xWTLpQB2yyyzmYRgXgFlJLGTc0QJyZbW targetUrl= mybook/order/newbooking/page1?id=123;

  3. sessionId=0e1acab1-45b8-sdf3454fds-afc1-sdf435sdfds; Url=; sid=hkm2gRSL2t5ScKSJKSJn3vg2sfdsfdsfdsfdsfdfdsfdsfdsfvJZkDD3ng0kYTjhNQw8mFZMn; targetUrl=;

Expecting the below output:

 1. itemSummary
 2. itemList
 3. ''(empty string)

Have build the below regex to capture it but its 100% accurate. It is capturing some additional part.


Url=.*/(.*)(; sid|?)

Could you please help me to improve the regex to get desired output?

Thanks in advance!


You may use this regex in Java with a greedy match after Url=:

bUrl=S+/([^?;/]+)(?=; sid|?)

RegEx Demo

RegEx Demo:

  • b: Word boundary
  • Url=: Match text Url=
  • S+/: Match 1+ non-whitespace characters followed by a /
  • ([^?;/]+): Match 1+ of a character that not ? and ; and /
  • (?=; sid|?): Lookahead to assert that we have ; sid or ? ahead