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How can I use java streams to retrieve the value of x names?

I can use the below snippet to retrieve the name if there is 1 entry in the list by retrieving element 0 in the list, however, each NameResponse can have several names (e.g. a first name, a middle name and a surname). How can I retrieve x names associated with one customer? There could be 20 names for argument’s sake. I would like to implement using a stream since I am using Java 8, but I am unsure how to implement this. Any suggestions?

private List<String> getNames(Customer customer) {

    List<NameResponse> nameResponses = new ArrayList<>();
    NameResponse nameResponse = new NameResponse();
    nameResponse.setName("Test Name");

    return List.of(customer.getNames().get(0).getName());

Customer class:

private List<NameResponse> names;

NameResponse class:

private String name;


Something like below assuming you have the appropriate getters:

return customer.getNames()