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Read data from SQLite where column name contains spaces

I am having a coulmn name called “condition name” (.sql file has been generated from server)

But in android I am getting following exception while reading data from that table.

12-24 14:34:00.870: W/System.err(269): android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such column: condition: ,

while compiling:

SELECT condition, category, subcategory,condition name, local path, remote path, title, content_type FROM library WHERE category = ?

Its not recognizing whole table name and breaking at space. if you have any ideas please assist me.



For quoting identifiers like table/column names, SQLite supports back ticks for compatibility with MySQL, and square brackets for compatibility with SQL Server, but the portable way is to use double quotes:

SELECT "condition name" FROM library

(Single quotes would be used for string values.)