How to create Java gradle project

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How to create Java Gradle project from command line?

It should create standard maven folder layout like on the picture below.

Java Gradle created with Eclipse plugin


.1. From I need to create file build.gradle with 2 lines

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'eclipse'

.2. Add to build.gradle task below, than execute gradle create-dirs

task "create-dirs" << {
   sourceSets*.java.srcDirs*.each { it.mkdirs() }
   sourceSets*.resources.srcDirs*.each { it.mkdirs() }

.3. Then run gradle eclipse (or corresponding string to other IDE plugin configured)

So is there way to do it in one command?


To create a Java project: create a new project directory, jump into it and execute

gradle init --type java-library

Source folders and a Gradle build file (including a wrapper) will be build.

Source: stackoverflow