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Passing a query as a query parameter in JPQL Native Query

I’m trying to pass a query as a string parameter in another JPQL native query.

@Query(value = "SELECT (:query)", nativeQuery = true)
BigDecimal getTotal(@Param("query") String query);

So the resulting query would be something like the query below that returns me a value


but what I’m getting in return is only the string of :query parameter and not the result of the executed complete query.


  1. Create an interface for a custom repository SomeRepositoryCustom
public interface SomeRepositoryCustom {

    BigDecimal getTotal(String sql);

  1. Create an implementation of SomeRepositoryCustom
class SomesRepositoryCustomImpl implements SomeRepositoryCustom {

    private JdbcTemplate template;

    public SomesRepositoryCustomImpl(JdbcTemplate template) {
        this.template = template;

    public BigDecimal getTotal(String sql) {
        return template.queryForObject(sql, BigDecimal.class);

  1. Extend your JpaRepository with SomeRepositoryCustom
public interface SomeRepository extends JpaRepository, SomeRepositoryCustom {


to run a query

someRepository.getTotal("SELECT (50 * (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SOMETABLE))");