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Oracle 19c compatibility with jdk7

I would like to know if oracle 19c is compatible with jdk 7.

I have found out 2 drivers for oracle 19c

  • ojdbc8 : for jdk8, jdk9 and jdk11
  • ojdbc10 : for jdk10 and jdk11

I would like to know if there is a way to have oracle 19c with a jdk7, and if yes what is the driver that will allow to do it ?


According to the Oracle JDBC FAQ (Question “What are the Oracle JDBC releases Vs JDK versions?”), only the Java versions you listed (Java 8 to 11) are supported for Oracle 19c.

  • I expect that support for later Java versions will be added in the future.
  • Java 9 and Java 10 were short-life releases, and are both end-of-life.

As a comment notes, Java 7 has been “end of life” since April 2015. It would be counter-productive for Oracle to encourage continued use of Java 7 by supporting it with new JDBC drivers for new Oracle database releases.

Note that the Oracle drivers are proprietary and source code is not available. So back-porting one of the Oracle 19c compatible drivers to Java 7 is not an option.

In summary: If you want to use Oracle 19c, upgrading to Java 8 LTS or later is the only feasible solution. Upgrading to Java 11 LTS is advisable:

  • Oracle Java 8 LTS free public updates (for commercial users) have ended, and Premium Support is due to end in March 2022; see the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap.

  • You can still get free public Java 8 LTS updates from 3rd-party vendors post 2020; see Java is Still Free for all of the details.