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Minecraft javascript error

I am trying to make a script that draws a circle for minecraft using singleplayer commands. For starting, I tried to do the basics; here is my code:


var sess = context.remember();
var playerBlock = player.getBlockOn();
var other = playerBlock.setY(playerBlock.getY + 1);
sess.setBlock(other, new BaseBlock(BlockID.CLOTH, argv[1]));

But when I run it, it says:

Failed to execute: The choice of Java constructor setY matching JavaScript argument types (string) is ambiguous; candidate constructors are: class com.sk89q.worldedit.Vector setY(int) (C:UsersDarcyAppDataRoaming.minecraftcraftscriptscircle.js#6) in C:UsersDarcyAppDataRoaming.minecraftcraftscriptscircle.js at line nuber 6

Any suggestions?


It seems playerBlock.getY is a function, the result of which you should pass. Now you pass the function itself (which gets converted to it’s source code, i.e. a string).

var other = playerBlock.setY(playerBlock.getY() + 1);