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Math function to get output desired

I am currently learning the basic math functions and I am struggling to get this output for my homework. I think the wording is just making me more and more confused. Thanks in advance for your help! Here is the problem layout:

Z = 7

Use the Math methods and the System.out.println statement to display:

  • the square root of z squared plus 1
  • Output desired: 7.0710678118654755
  • My output: 8

My code: public class tester {

public static void main(String[] args) {
     int z = 7;
     System.out.println(Math.pow(Math.sqrt(z), 2) + 1);




“the square root of z squared plus 1” means √(z2+1).

You are currently calculating (√z)2+1 — which incidentally is the same as z+1. Hence why you’re getting 8.

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