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LinkedList inside a LinkedList iteration in java

Im trying to iterate a Linked List inside of a linked list but I’m not sure how to proceed with it. I’m used to using a passed parameter for what will be iterated but when I’m iterating a linked list within a linked list and plan to iterate until I hit a record that matches a passed dummy object.

Here is an example of what I’m trying to do

private static boolean addSongFromAlbumToAlbum(LinkedList<Album> albums1, LinkedList<Song> targetAlbum,
                                             String title){
//creating a dummy song for comparison of title parameter with arbitrary time duration.
        Song dummySong = new Song(title, 000);

        ListIterator<Album> album1ListIterator = albums1.listIterator();
        ListIterator<Song> targetAlbumListIterator = targetAlbum.listIterator();

        //nested album iterator
        ListIterator<Song> nestedAlbumInAlbum = nestedAlbum.listIterator();

        //checking whether the song with the "title" parameter entered exists in the LinkedList
        //of albums


                //checking if current iteration has an object with same value for title as title parameter.

                Song comparisonSongToAdd =;
                int comparisonValue = comparisonSongToAdd.getTitle().compareTo(title);
                if(comparisonValue ==0){

                    //check whether the found object already exists in the album
                    while (targetAlbumListIterator.hasNext()){
                        SongComparator comparator = new SongComparator(); //create new comparator object to compare

                        int comparatorValue =,;
                        if (comparatorValue == 0) {
                            System.out.println(comparisonSongToAdd + " already exists in the Album. please choosen a different song.");
                            return false;

                        }//end if comparator

                    }//end target album while

                }//end if song title found

            }//end nested album while
        }//end albums while iterator
        return true;

    }//end addSongFromAlbum method

///Here is the SongComparator class

public class SongComparator implements Comparator<Song> {

    public int compare(Song song1, Song song2){
        if(song1.getTitle() == song2.getTitle() && song1.getDurationSeconds() == song2.getDurationSeconds()){
            return 0;
            return -1;


How am I supposed to iterate the LinkedList within the LinkedList of albums without a parameter? And if it requires a parameter how I’m I supposed to determine what to use for the parameter considering it will be changing with each iteration of the outer while loop.



you can use java 8 streams, instead of creating iterators,

in order to find whats in album 1 and album 2 use:

    albums1.forEach(album1Element -> {
        //keeps only what returns true in the filter.
        List<Song> listOfSongsToAdd = targetAlbum.filter(song -> song.compareTo(title)).collect(Collectors.toList);
        listOfSongsToAdd.forEach(songToAdd -> {


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