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Java SDK 11.0 or above is required when using .NET 6 or higher

I’ve installed .NET 6 (version 6.0.100-rc.1.21458.32) and Visual Studio 2020 Preview (although it might be not a prerequisite).

I am trying to debug a hello-world application but I am getting a build error regarding Java.

C:Program FilesdotnetpacksMicrosoft.Android.Sdk.Windows31.0.100-rc.1.12targetsMicrosoft.Android.Sdk.Tooling.targets(20,5): error XA0031: 
Java SDK 11.0 or above is required when using .NET 6 or higher. 

I’ve installed Java 17 setting Path as well as pointing to the Java Development Kit Location in Visual Studio settings (tools->options->Xamarin->Android Settings). Because that didn’t work I’ve set the JDK location to Microsoft’s openjdk, but it still doesn’t work.

enter image description here

What’s wrong here?



Installing Microsoft’s OpenJDK 11 did the job for me.

You may notice that Visual Studio installs a version of Microsoft OpenJDK, however, you need to install the Microsoft OpenJDK 11

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